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    Sinéad est souvent écrit Sinead ou Sineád. Personnalités portant ce prénom. Sinéad Cusack, actrice irlandaise. Sinead Keenan, actrice irlandaise. Sinead Kerr, patineuse artistique britannique. Sinéad Moynihan, mannequin et actrice britannique. Sinéad Mulvey, chanteuse irlandaise. Sinéad O'Connor, chanteuse irlandaise.

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    Sinéad (/ ʃ ɪ ˈ n eɪ d / shin-AYD, Irish: [ˈʃɪnʲeːd̪ˠ, ʃɪˈnʲeːd̪ˠ]) is an Irish feminine name. It is derived from the French Jeanette, which is cognate to the English Janet, itself a feminine form of the Hebrew Yohannan, "God forgave/God gratified".

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    Sinead said that month, "Our family is very messed up. We can't communicate with each other. We are all in agony. I for one am in agony." Musical career 1980s. One of the volunteers at Grianán was the sister of Paul Byrne, drummer for the band In Tua Nua, who heard O'Connor singing "Evergreen" by Barbra Streisand. ...

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